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You’d expect a good brokerage firm to offer it clients valuable services. But how many brokerage firms set industry standards, especially in real estate?

SVN Parke Group can … and does. That’s because we’re not your traditional real-estate brokerage firm. What makes us unique is that:

  • We have a Broker Marketing Program that ensures the full and immediate exposure of all real-estate properties to the largest pool of interested buyers: those represented by brokers. (Of course, we also market to buyers directly.)
  • We use a variety of technological tools to produce and present our clients’ listings in a timely manner. For instance, we market property lists not only via postal mailers and professional brochures, but also through an interactive CD-ROM, email, and property websites. (On this website, be sure to check out our Properties for Sale and Properties for Lease.)
  • We invite other brokerage houses to attend regularly scheduled Broker Forums™. These allow our brokers to unite with the entire brokerage community in finding ways to meet client real-estate needs.

For additional information on our comprehensive brokerage services, contact SVN Parke Group.