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Loan Sales

The Sperry Van Ness Asset Recovery Team (SVNART) has joined forces with RW Kline Loan Sales, a leading loan sale advisor to the banking industry. Result? A partnership that not only allows for the sale of loans but also for the sale and disposition of fee simple Real Estate Owned (REO) properties on behalf of lenders across the United States.

Lenders now have a single-source solution for handling distressed asset sales at any stage of asset impairment – from performing loans, to non-performing loans, to litigation, to bankruptcy, to foreclosure or a deed in lieu of foreclosure, and on through the process of title recovery.

Powered by RW Kline, your Sperry Van Ness Asset Recovery Team can sell both one-off or pooled assets and conduct either date-certain sales, electronic auctions, or single-negotiated real-estate transactions.

Review our current listing of Loans for Sale. Then contact Sperry Van Ness/Parke Group to learn more about how SVNART powered by RW Kline is changing distressed asset marketing.